About the Authors

The Inspiring wisdom of viktor e. Frankl


Pam is an advocate for the mental health and wellbeing of children and young adults. With her background in market research and business, she writes a blog, Pam Roy Blog, focusing on education and preparing students for both the future of work and a meaningful life. She is a mentor to youth making life decisions. She co-hosts the podcast, Q-Ed UP with Ziz and Pam, engaging in conversations about what it means to be educated in the 21st century.

Inspired by the meaning-centered philosophy of Viktor Frankl, Pam is involved in film and book projects related to bringing his ideas to a new generation. She is Co-Founder of the Viktor Frankl Institute of America. She is Executive Producer of an upcoming short film series entitled, Meaning in Madness, which shines a light on the systemic issues contributing to the epidemic of mental health disorders in students. Pam is also involved with non-profit organizations helping foster youth as well as International Sanctuary, a social enterprise that empowers women escaping human trafficking. She is the mother of three adult daughters.


Moira’s career began as a civil litigation attorney specializing in research and writing. In 2015, she shifted her focus to pursuing her dream of working with children and young adults in foster care. For over a decade, Moira has worked with several non-profits assisting foster youth at sibling reunification camps and in life skills training programs. She has mentored and guided individual foster youth through life-changing events.

Additionally, Moira and Pam have been friends for over forty years and she is the content editor for Pam Roy Blog where she reviews posts and helps shape the arguments presented. For over fifteen years she has been a volunteer and board member of Brothers’ Helpers, a non-profit feeding Los Angeles’ homeless. Moira read Man’s Search for Meaning and became convinced that his life philosophy has the potential to transform lives. She co-founded The Viktor Frankl Institute of America and is currently working on a program that will incorporate Victor Frankl’s teaching into her non-profit work with foster youth. Moira is married to Brian and has three adult children and three grandchildren.