Inspiring Wisdom of Viktor Frankl

Have you ever wondered what gives life meaning?

Have you longed for guidance toward a life that truly matters?

The Inspiring Wisdom of Viktor Frankl:

A 21-Day Reflection Book About Meaning

By Pam Roy and Moira Hummel

“Ever more people today have the means to live, but they have no meaning to live for.”

Viktor Frankl


Viktor Frankl was a renowned psychiatrist and Holocaust survivor. His messages of freedom, responsibility and resilience—no matter the circumstances—have changed the lives of millions around the world. Now you, too, can experience their transformative power.

Meaning is unique to each individual. It cannot be given; it must be discovered. Using powerful quotations direct from the source—but contextualized for life today—The Inspiring Wisdom of Viktor E. Frankl will lead you on this journey. Through reflection exercises that help you put your life in perspective, it will guide you toward making the shifts necessary to live a truly meaningful life.

In every moment, you have the opportunity to make meaningful choices in big or small ways. These choices shape you and the world around you. How will you decide? 

Practical and profound, this book will empower you to choose wisely.

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